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OER and OBI Publisher Reports

Came across this useful document by Sreeni  

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Importing AIA Solutions Packs to Oracle Enterprise Repository

If you want to import the core AIA components (EBOs, EBMs, etc.) to Oracle Enterprise Repository, you just need to dowload the three AIA Solution Pack files. Prerequisite for doing this is the Harvester Solution Pack details of which are not covered here – found inside OER’s folder (/repository111/core/tools/solutions) The details and download location of […]

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Oracle Enterprise Repository – Admin Account locked.

I came across this situation where my admin account for OER got locked, So I could not get on the management screen to rectify this and was pretty much stuck. Solution: Follow these Steps to unlock user Accounts(including admin account) in OER: Stop the OER server if running. Log onto your DB server and log […]

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