Monthly Archives: November 2010

Generating Client JAVA code for WSDL using SOAP UI – AXIS2 WSDL2JAVA

Create a Soap UI project using your WSDL. Set the Preferences in SOAP UI for AXIS2 home directory. Right Click on the WSDL in SOAP UI and click generate code. Select ADB binding and the following settings and click generate Following is the directory structure and code files generated. That’s it, you can now use […]

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Getting Started with Liferay Portal V 6

I am currently doing a Proof of concept for a customer using liferay portal. Thought I will put together my learning’s for others to benefit. As I am quite busy these days, you might have to wait a few more days for further details.. You can post your comments if you have any specific questions […]

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WSDL2JAVA using AXIS2 code generator command line

The Code Generator tool consists of a command line version and an Ant Task.  I have attached a guidance to use the WSDL2Java utility using the command line. Also, illustrated how to build file using custom Ant task and invoking the Code Generator from Ant. Invoking the Code Generator From Ant Since the users may […]

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