SOA Suite 11g – Non ‘Sticky’ Preferences after Server Restart

SOA Suite 11g – Non ‘Sticky’ Preferences after Server Restart

A collegue of mine shared this useful piece of information, which I thought you all might benefit from.

Some of you may be aware we have encountered issues previously with non sticky preferences when used with SOA 11g BPEL Components. The problem surrounded:


1) Connect to Fusion Middleware Control.

2) Expand SOA -> soa-infra -> default and hightlight “default”.

3) Navigate to SOA Infrastructure -> Administration -> System MBean Browser.

4) Navigate to Application Defined MBeans -> oracle.soa.config -> Server: soa_server1 -> SCAComposite.

5) Expand the <SCA composite> -> SCAComposite.SCAComponent and highlight the BPEL Component.

6) Click attribute Properties.

7) Expand Element_0 and change value key for name bpel.preference.PREFERENCE_NAME.

8) Click Apply.

9) Restart the SOA server and now PREFERENCE_NAME contains the orginal initial value instead of the expected updated value.


1) After you Apply the change to bpel.preference.PREFERENCE_NAME, click Return.

2) Click Operations tab.

3) Click Save.

4) Click Invoke.

5) Click Return.

6) When the server is restarted, the System MBean updated value is maintained.

Taken from:

We have tested this with and this works fine. Following a restart the preference was maintained. Prior to this the preference was reset back to when it was originally deployed (as specified in the composite.xml)

I noticed that Arun has posted screen grabs for this @


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