Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook – Initial thoughts

Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook – Initial thoughts

Hi All,

Recently I managed to get my hands on the recently launched Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook written by some of the industries most talented people in the FMW space, namely Guido Schmutz, Edwin Biemond, Jan van Zoggel , Mischa Kölliker and Eric Elzinga

The Book contains several recipes for real life problems we face when integrating using the Oracle Service Bus and some other components of the SOA Suite.

I haven’t still finished reading the book which will take me a few more days simply because the title contains over 80 recipes and I do plan to go through every single one of these even if that means I get my hands dirty.

It does make life easier as they have provided set up scripts to set up your environment and solutions for each of these recipes and they deserve credit for that. What that also means that you don’t need to complete all the problems before you get to a specific recipe.

I would be sharing more on my thoughts after going through some of these recipes but my initial impressions of the book are it’s quite promising and would soon be a must have for all OSB and Fusion Middleware developers.

If you can’t wait for my review then the book is available on Amazon and You can buy this book from Amazon using the link below.

Also on PackT @

You can view our sample chapters and prefaces of this title on PacktLib or download sample chapters in PDF format

Watch out this space for more on the OSB cook book and some recipes from the book.

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