EAI/Oracle Service Bus testing with Citrus Framework, part2

EAI/Oracle Service Bus testing with Citrus Framework, part2

Part 2 of the OSB testing framework

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  1. Christoph says:

    I have had great success in letting the product and business owners review the Citrus test cases. The XML test definitions are also readable for those without technical programmer background. Once the Citrus acceptance tests are reviewed and approved from a business view the risk of loosing test quality is minimized.

    The huge advantage of developers writing the integration tests is that you have immediate test coverage during development iterations. I believe in cross functional teams where testers and developers do interact very closely with each other and developers do write end-to-end tests.

  2. Luke says:

    How do you see this working in an Agile environment with test driven development? I can see developers feeling at home with the framework but it’s a bit dangerous having developers design their own tests that are then passed on to the test team. The test team, if not creating the tests for the developers need to at least create their own independent tests to ensure the quality of the deliverables. I think most testers would have a hard time using the framework. Have you tried any other tools, suites, frameworks (call them what you will) that mainly GUI driven, at least from a design perspective?